Visual Analyst 3D – Viewpoints and Grids

Viewing data from different vantage points.

The view of traffic accidents fatalities in Victoria, Australia. This view includes three other analysts looking at the terrain feature from three different viewpoints (in addition of that taken by the current viewer). It also illustrates the use of grids (or masks) which isolate the area for the investigation and hide the data details outside and below the surface of the semi-transparent grids.

Each user of Visual Analyst 3D running in a multiplayer mode can move independently, assume a different location and point their viewport (camera) at a distinct terrain detail. Furthermore, the same analyst can open multiple viewports and look at the same issues from several viewing angles simultaneously.

The green user’s view of the same terrain from is shown below (with two remote users in view):

The blue user’s view is pictured as follows (green user is now outside the viewport):

For more information see the Immersive and Collaborative Analytics.

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