Visual Analyst 3D – Women Drivers

What exactly is the truth about women drivers?

Well the data tells the truth – women are better drivers, at least in Victoria, Australia. The following map of Larger Melbourne shows the balance of traffic accidents involving men versus women, with the dark blue colour indicating many more men than women in accidents, and pink indicating the opposite.

Clearly, the city area (high and dense blue peaks) is full of dangerous males causing accidents everywhere. Whereas women smash their cars in the country areas, and only sporadically. On a smaller scale the same trend is visible in the Melbourne CBD area – the women seem to have a few accidents on the city outskirts. (Note that the large pink blots are the result of smoothing into areas without any data and the colour spheres hovering outside the city are three concurrent analysts trying to untangle the accidental insights.)

The following chart shows that women prefer to have accidents in areas devoid of any cars and accidents, possibly due to solo trips. A few pink spots mark female accident rates unchanging over time. The number of men involved in accidents concentrate in a few but very significant periods of time, involving great many people, possibly due to driving cars into buses and trains? However the accident peaks take a more positive trend (for the human health and life) into the present and the future.

This final chart plots gender balance against age over time. We can see that young women under 20 years of age take more risks than young guys. However after a few years the guys lose their brains and smash the cars to bits until they reach the age of 40. Older gentlemen and ladies must have recently improved their driving, perhaps due to years of practice?

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