First Person Art

Capturing Experience and Creative Legacy of Contemporary Australian Artists in Virtual Space Environments

Team Members:
Jacob Cybulski
Konrad Cybulski
Daniel Mitinan

The aim of this project was to explore how traditional art forms could be presented online to effectively convey artistic intention, emotion and life experiences. One of the insights generated from this project was in the use of 3D spaces, light and ambience that highlight the experience of the perceived artefacts.

The study was conducted with a number of Australian painters and sculptors, who collaborate in the creation of metaphors for art installations that would present artists and their work in a novel, engaging and immersive way, thus offering satisfying experience to online viewers. The project also aimed at generating insights into the presentation of and engagement with complex data in 3D virtual world and in seeking metaphors suitable for the representation and manipulation of various forms of information.


To this end, experimental interfaces were developed to allow interaction with virtual 3D objects by means of gesture and touch – here using Microsoft Kinect and motion tracking.



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