Immersive and Collaborative Analytics

3D Visual Business Analytics in Fully Immersive and Collaborative Decision-Making Environments

Team Members:
Jacob Cybulski
Dial Saundage
Susan Keller
Alex Calladine
Jaymee Allan Owens
Konrad Cybulski

This project investigates how immersive visual environments could be used by management teams to support complex collaborative decision-making through the analysis of intuitive 3D models of business data. While data and predictive analysis are commonly undertaken by well-trained analysts working behind the scenes, it is envisaged that visualisation of analytics, natural interfaces and large screen experience will support decision-making by executives themselves. In partnership with key industry players in business analytics, the project undertakes to create visualisation environments featuring natural data manipulation techniques, such as gestures, touch and speech.

Experience VAC Interactive Visual Analytics 3D. The first video demonstrates the IVA 3D Analyst mode and user navigation of a business data terrain via Kinect gestures, placing markers and changing views. It emphasises the mechanics of the IVA 3D and not its application to analysing business data.


The second video shows user exploration of a data terrain using layers of grids. Grids allow visual assessment of data peaks and valleys. Again all navigation and data manipulation is done via Kinect gestures. In the Exporer mode it is possible to assess data values by comparing data points with masks, changing views and placing markers for future reference.


In the last video we also demonstrate an alternative way of controlling terrain exploratoration via a mobile controller, where the smart phone app is aiding the data navigation, planting of markers and making notes on the analyst observations.