Media Enterprise Analytics Studio

Media Enterprise Analytics Studio (MEAS) was a joint initiative of the School of Communication and Creative Arts and the School of Information and Business Analytics.

MEAS provided some opportunities to explore visualisation options for decision support services designed to to support film production and costs, film finance and film distribution. MEAS employed some of the latest academic research in the fields of media and entertainment industry economic performance modelling and business analytics.

Deakin Team:
Deb Verhoeven (Deakin)
Jacob Cybulski (Deakin)
Alwyn Davidson (Deakin)
Dial Saundage (Deakin)
Susan Keller (Deakin)
Lasitha Dharmasena (Deakin)

The following video illustrates the use of immersive 3D data visualisation to explore geo-located data related to the sales of movie tickets in Australia over the Christmas period in 2012.


Data was prepared in Excel and subsequently manipulated with Microsoft Layerscape, which relies on the WorldWide Telescope, its data rendering and a tour facility.

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