Visual Analytics Collaboratory

Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching OLT Project ID12-2407

Enhancing collaborative learning in information systems business analytics using data visualisation and manipulation techniques

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This project aimed to develop a visual business analytics collaboratory – a web-based facility open to community learners; where 3D visualisation and immersive interfaces would allow intuitive learning of analysing large sets of data to assist business decision-making. The collaboratory takes advantage of students’ general knowledge, their preference for experimentation and sharing of personal experiences with their peers.

Business analytics refers to skills, methods and technologies that enable managers to make swift, quality decisions based on large amounts of data generated and collected by their organisations. Given the pressures of modern management practice, business analytics has become the foundation for management and information systems courses despite the inherent complexity of its curriculum. It is slowly moving into the early years of the business curriculum, where low numeracy skills and the fundamental lack of business knowledge impede student learning of abstract concepts. The problem can addressed by structuring learning tasks to take advantage of students’ general world-knowledge, their intuitive approach to problem solving, preference for learning by experimentation and their eagerness to share personal experiences with their peers.

This project developed a visual business analytics collaboratory – a web based facility, maintained by the two partner universities, and open to community learners, where 3D visualisation techniques and immersive interfaces allows intuitive learning of business analytics.

University partners

Useful links

Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)
University of Sydney
Teradata University Network
SAS Visual Analytics Collaboratory

Team Leaders
Jacob Cybulski
Olivera Marjanovic

Project Manager
Judy Munro

Team Members
Lasitha Dharmasena
Susan Keller
Sumith Matharage
Dineli Mather
Dilal Saundage

Technical Team
Konrad Cybulski
Alex Calladine
Jaymee Owens

Project Team
Reference Group

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