OLT Project Software

There is a variety of software developed as part of this project, which is open sources and can be accessed, modified and adapted, and freely used by teachers and other researchers, i.e.

  1. Open Source: Visual Analyst 2D (JavaScript)
    1. Executable Release V4
    2. Sources V4
    3. User Guide
  2. Open Source: Visual Analyst 3D (Unity3D)
    1. Executable Release V1
    2. Sources
    3. User Guide
    4. Sample Interaction (YouTube)
  3. Open Source: Visual Analyst 3D Server (Unity3D)
    1. Executable Release V1
    2. Sources
  4. Archival Copy: Visual Tutor Statistics (Java 6)
    1. Sources Only V1
  5. Archival Copy: Music Mountain Store (PHP + SQL)
    1. Prestashop PHP repository + SQL dump (1.7Gb)
      Requires server development skills to setup
      Can be provided on request only

Note 1: All software released from this project is not of the commercial quality. It is quite robust for classroom and research use. For example, all data sets are built into the software, which is adequate for the purpose of teaching but will not be flexible enough for serious data analytics. To make the software suitable for any scientific or commercial use we welcome any potential developers to join us in our open source community on Github.

Note 2: Visual Tutor Statistics is a Java applet developed in Java 6. Since its development, due to the worldwide ban on browser-based Java software, this edition of Visual Tutor Statistics will no longer run on commercial browsers (some may support more up-to-date versions of Java, 8 or higher). The original applet will still work on Java 6 which can be downloaded from Oracle Archives. However, the security of modern browsers may need to be setup for the older version of Java to work. Java source code has been provided here for those willing to adapt the code to Java application development, or for running with the modern version of Java, or for those who would like to translate the applet to another programming language (e.g. Python).

Note 3: Music Mountain Store (known as playanalytics.org) will be available only for the duration of the project and the access to the web site will be discontinued soon afterwards. The web site was developed using free e-commerce software Prestashop (which can be obtained from https://www.prestashop.com/en/) and could be customised to suit any teaching requirements. An archive of Music Mountain Store can be obtained on request. However, installation from the archive or building a new e-commerce site require technical skills in PHP, SQL and Linux server development.

Support for the production of the project reported on this web page has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views expressed in this web page do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.


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