This is a list of recent publications written by the members of this collaboratory:

Context: Making sense of organisations via Business Analytics which can assist decision-makers to engage in a continuous process of sensemaking with a view to gaining insight into their business environment –

  • Namvar, Morteza, and Jacob Cybulski. “BI-Based Organizations: A Sensemaking Perspective.” Proc. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), New Zealand, 2014. Synopsis.
  • Namvar, Morteza, Jacob Cybulski and Luckmika Perera. “Using business intelligence to support the process of organizational sensemaking”, Communications of the Association for Information Systems. In Press. Synopsis.

Vision: Overview of visual analytics as a method of creative problem solving, which relies on analytic models and involves an iterative process of generation and evaluation of ideas in digital media

  • Cybulski, Jacob L., Susan Keller, Lemai Nguyen, and Dilal Saundage. “Creative Problem Solving in Digital Space Using Visual Analytics.” Computers in Human Behavior, 42 (January), 2015, pp 20–35. Synopsis.

Conceptualisation: Provides some preliminary insights on the use of primary metaphors to help designers of interactive visual analytics to reduce the cognitive load of their users or data analysts

  • Cybulski, Jacob, Susan Keller, and Dilal Saundage. “Metaphors in Interactive Visual Analytics.” In Proc. 7th Int. Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction (VINCI). Sydney, Australia. ACM, 2014, paper 212. Synopsis.

Conceptualisation and System Design: Explore the potential of primary metaphors in the design of immersive visual analytics environments, also discusses an architectural design of a system based on such metaphors

  • Cybulski, Jacob L., Susan Keller, and Dilal Saundage. “Interactive Exploration of Data with Visual Metaphors”, Int’l Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 25(2) (March), 2015, pp 231-252. Synopsis.

Deployment and Performance Evaluation: Describes in-class experiments which demonstrate that interactive visualisations and story-telling can be used to effectively help students develop essential Business Analytics skills –

  • Saundage, Dilal, Cybulski, Jacob, Keller, Susan, and Dharmasena, Lasitha “Teaching business analytics with interactive visual narratives”, Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE). 27(4), 2016, pp 233-245. Synopsis.

Future and Unexpected: The sensemaking processes were studied in experiments with 2D and 3D visualizations of data individually and in teams, while 2D analysts showed more proficiency, 3D analysts were more skeptical and yet had more flexible views of data

  • Cybulski, Jacob, Morteza Namvar, and Dilal Saundage “Designing 2D and 3D VA for Interactivity and Collaboration: Visual Sensemaking.” In Preparation.

Major Project Report: The aim of this project (funded by the competitive grant from Office for Learning and Teaching, Australia) was to develop effective methods and tools for teaching analytics –

  • Jacob Cybulski, Olivera Marjanovic, Dineli Mather, Susan Keller, Dilal Saundage, Lasitha Dharmasena and Judy Munro, “Enhancing collaborative learning in information systems business analytics using data visualisation and manipulation techniques”, Final report for project ID12-2407, Office for Learning and Teaching, Australia, 2015. Report. Flyer.

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