About Us

Visual Analytics Collaboratory is a cross-institutional research lab which facilitates research collaboration on projects in interactive visual analytics. The focus of this research program is the investigation of how immersive visual environments could be used by individuals and organisations to support decision-making processes through the analysis of intuitive visual models of business and social data. It is envisaged that through the use of natural interfaces, such as gestures, touch and speech, as well as, mobile devices and large screen experience, modern business analytics tools will be made more accessible to non-technical decision-makers. Unlike other research, researchers of the collaboratory will display the results of their work and indeed conduct some of their studies out in the open, involving staff and students in a direct way and thus disseminating the concepts of visual interaction with business and social data to the future generation of decision-makers. The collaboratory is managed by a group of individuals from the academe and industry working jointly on a broad range of projects of benefit to business, education and the community at large.

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